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Country CodeDE
Zip Code13409
Local Time2024-05-20T22:16:52+02:00
Is Proxyfalse
Is Tor Nodefalse
Is Spamfalse
Is Crawlerfalse
Is Datacenterfalse
Is VPNfalse

All IP location and email data in one API

Explore a comprehensive suite of Geo IP location features for effective regional analysis and security management.

Accurate Geolocation

Locate customers globally without their consent using precise IP-based geolocation data.

Simple Integration

Integrate our straightforward JSON API quickly and start retrieving IP location data in minutes.

Enhanced Security

Secure every request with HTTPS/SSL encryption to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

Comprehensive Network Data

Access detailed ISP and ASN information from any IP address.

Effective Geotargeting

Utilize IP geolocation for refined ad targeting, DRM, content personalization, and geofencing.

Expand Global Reach

Extend your market presence worldwide effortlessly with our Geo IP data.

Boost Conversions

Enhance conversion rates up to 75% with localized content and dynamic pricing strategies.

Automated User Experience

Improve user experience by automating form completions with accurate geolocation data.

Advanced Security Insights

Identify potential security threats such as VPNs, proxies, and bots with our comprehensive threat analysis tools.

Email Validation Endpoint

Verify the validity of email addresses with our new email validation endpoint, ensuring accurate and reliable user data.

Disposable Email Detection

Detect and filter out disposable email addresses to maintain the quality of your user database.

Email Syntax Verification

Ensure email addresses are correctly formatted and identify common errors, enhancing data integrity.

Detailed Email Address Error Reporting

Receive comprehensive error reports for invalid email addresses, including specific reasons for validation failures.

Email Username Extraction

Extract the username component from email addresses to facilitate personalized user interactions.

API Documentation

IP Geolocation API Endpoints

Get Client's IP Information

GET https://ip-api.io/api/v1/ip/?api_key={YOUR_API_KEY}

Get Specific IP Information

GET https://ip-api.io/api/v1/ip/{ip}?api_key={YOUR_API_KEY}

API Response Format

Geolocation API returns a JSON object with the following structure:

  "ip": "", // Queried IP address
  "suspicious_factors": {
    "is_proxy": false, // Is the IP a proxy?
    "is_tor_node": false, // Is the IP a Tor node?
    "is_spam": false, // Is the IP associated with spam?
    "is_crawler": false, // Is the IP a web crawler?
    "is_datacenter": false, // Is the IP from a data center?
    "is_vpn": false // Is the IP a VPN?
  "location": {
    "country": "Germany", // Country of the IP
    "country_code": "DE", // Country code of the IP
    "city": "Berlin", // City of the IP
    "latitude": 52.5694, // Latitude of the IP
    "longitude": 13.3753, // Longitude of the IP
    "zip": "13409", // Zip code of the IP
    "timezone": "Europe/Berlin", // Timezone of the IP
    "local_time": "2024-05-20T22:16:52+02:00", // Local time of the IP
    "local_time_unix": 1716236212, // Local time in Unix timestamp
    "is_daylight_savings": true // Is daylight savings active?
Geo Location by IP: Code Examples

This method is ideal for front-end implementations, making API calls from the browser to retrieve the client's IP information.

const request = require('request-promise');

  .then(response => console.log(JSON.parse(response)))
  .catch(err => console.log(err));
Using Provided IP

This method is suitable for backend implementations, providing a specific IP address to retrieve its information.

const request = require('request-promise');

  .then(response => console.log(JSON.parse(response)))
  .catch(err => console.log(err));

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  • 100,000 ip location queries
  • 1,000 email validation queries
  • Location data
  • Currency data
  • Time zone data
  • Threat data
  • Unlimited support
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Medium


  • 300,000 ip location queries
  • 2,000 email validation queries
  • Location data
  • Currency data
  • Time zone data
  • Threat data
  • Unlimited support
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Large


  • 1,000,000 ip location queries
  • 5,000 email validation queries
  • Location data
  • Currency data
  • Time zone data
  • Threat data
  • Unlimited support
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Note: Your API key will be sent to your email after the subscription is confirmed.

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